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After the subscription

Handle webhook events


In order to configure a webhook endpoint, a partner needs to provide:

  • An url to POST. For example:
  • An HTTP header for authentication. For example: x-api-key: xB12-GGT567-Pl3894

At the end of the subscription, the following payload in JSON will be returned by the API:

  • policy_id : identifier for the insurance policy
  • quote_id : identifier for the quote used to create the insurance policy
  • origin : name of partner-related business contributor

For example:

"policy_id": "PRT123456789",
"quote_id": "8V8SLR2",
"origin": null

Status Code

In order to acknowledge receipt of an event, the endpoint provided must return a 2xx HTTP status code to Appenin. All response codes outside this range, including 3xx codes, indicate to Appenin that you did not receive the event.

Redirect to url

The url to redirect the end-user to the frontend of the partner at the end of the subscription may contain <quote_id> and <policy_id>. For instance:<quote_id>&policy_id=<policy_id>