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Customise a quote

When creating (POST) or updating (PUT) a quote, you can see in the API reference that a customisation object can be provided to modulate some aspects of the quote.

These customisations can be modulated only when they are activated for a partner. If you try to modulate an option not applicable (i.e. sending any value other that null), you will receive a declined quote (i.e. a quote without price which cannot be transformed into a policy).

Note that you can completely omit to provide the customisation field or any of its children. In this case, the API will automatically give null value to each of these.

When getting a quote, you will always retrieve in the customisation the value you asked for.

You can use this endpoint to find all the customisation options and the maximum number of roommates available for a specific quote, and this endpoint to retrieve all the customisation options for a given product.